Philippine Itneg Tribe


The itneg / tinguians

Itneg is another name for Tinguian- "the people of the mountains," It was originally referred to all mountain dwelling people. Nowadays, it particularly refers to a cultural minority group living in the mountains of Abra. The Tinguian are listed as one of the Cordillerean people called "Igorots".

The Tingguian culture dates back to pre-Spanish times but in spite of strong external forces negatively affecting their traditions, they continue to practice their ethnic traditions.

In 1959, at the Tinguian village in Abra, tribal elder Norma Mina Agaid embroidered on abel fabric the story of their folk myths- including ,Pinaing, the goddess of weaving who introduced through dreams the weaving patterns called the pinilian as well as binakol, and the embroidery style called kinamay to the Tingguian women)- preserving the Tinguian culture and traditions.